With over 12 years of triple-A and 30+ years of hobby game development experience, we have can handle any project that comes our way.

Though we are experienced and produce high-quality work, outsourcing to us is cheap for any needs you may have. We can accommodate your budget for any tasks, including, but not limited to: 3D/2D art, animation, programming tasks, game design, level design, sound design, narrative/writing support, and original music.

Besides being able to fill-in for a single section of a studio, we can also develop entire games if requested. Additionally, we provide (to a lesser extent) web development, promotional art (videos, posters, etc), social media management, recruitment services, community management (forums for your site and others like Reddit or Discord), and 3D modeling/texturing/animation for short or feature films.

On the right, as you've already seen, is some of our team's work outside of Velocity Brawl!


You can reach out to us in one of two ways:

Email Will Granda: willg@bool-tech dot com


If you wish to be more casual, message Will on Discord... The Onion Chef#1998

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